Jul 29, 2009

Friends. Forever.

A suction tube sinks, through his veins and sinks deep to his heart. The dawn is breaking. Brothers sit at the sea shore. The waves slap each other at the ocean coast. He walks towards the ocean. The waves seem to chase him away. They gnarl and grin. Warning him to stay away from the water or they clutch him. The sound of the owl signals a time to sleep. In his room he enters. Sticky notes on the wall. Stories they tell. The wall is yellow. He sleeps but like a dark knight he hardly sleeps. His brothers smile away.

In the dark he stays, pondering and pacing. He has been denied access to his own. A lockdown. He is suffocating. By the air around him that pretends to be cool. He listens to what they tell him. He advises and like wounded chicken he trusts them. The heartless seek to quench their thirst by sucking blood out him. The blood oozes of him, the vampires rejoice and take the opportunity. Through him they have known and met a nourishing and blossoming plant. It blossoms like a winter in full dress; it sustains but belongs to him. It is purple with pink petals, highly attractive, with a bvulagari scent.

They take advantage when he is away, locked in thoughts, deciphering codes and deceptively they reach for the plant. They shut all doors. Tell the plant shut up. Try to quench it. It talks to him, like a worthy and faithful servant. He listens and smiles away. Anguish burns his heart close to explosion. The plant alone talks. Deception wedges rip through the friends’ hearts. Still no-one talks to him. They all smile at him, like nothing happened. Like the plant yearning for the next rainy season, he watches and waits. He acts normal, yet the sting remains in the skin. It rips through the joints and sockets of his body. The dark angel with a black rope riding a heavily black colored horse, smiles.

The raindrops are burning, when they touch the skin it turns red, blisters grow and a pale face turns pink. The life to him is normal. They are his closest friends. His eyes gaze at them with hopelessness. They are in charge of his life but they take away this one plant he owned. Privately they plot. He has no option but to let the blisters grow. He believes “everyman has his time.” But natural justice may take forever. Drench by deception around him, the dagger reaches his heart and like the clouds that form the rain, his heart cries from deep within.

For friends and forever remain two different words.

“Righteousness is good character, and sin is that which revolves in your heart and which you do not want people to know.” Prophet Muhammad

Jul 20, 2009

Honest answers. A myth?

I begin this post with a conversation between a minister and his permanent secretary.
Minister: I want to know the truth Humphrey
P.S: I don’t think you do minister
Minister: Will you answer a direct question Humphrey
P.S: I strongly advise you not to ask a direct question, Minister
Minister: Why?
P.s: It might provoke a direct answer
Minister: Humphrey, are you telling me that the BAE won the contract by bribery?
P.s: Ohh!! Minister I wish we wouldn’t use words like bribery
Minister: What would you like me to say? Brown envelopes? Sweeteners? Slush funds?
P.s: Ohh!! Minister these are extremely and unworthy expressions for what is no more than creating negotiations. It is the general practice.
Minister: You do realise what you are saying Humphrey. I ratified that contract in good faith.
P.s: Ohh! Yes indeed Minster
Minister: And that communicate I issued to the press, I announced a British success won in a fair fight. Now you are telling me we got the contract by bribery?
P.s: No minister
Minster: ohh!! It was not got by bribery?
P.s: That is not what I said.
Minister: Then what did you say?
P.s: I said I will not tell you if it was got by bribery.
Minister: Are you saying winking at corruption is government policy?
P.s: Ooh no Minister that is unthinkable. It could never be government policy. Its only government practice
The body:
As a boy with ambitions for the future. A family. Kids running around. Driving them to school. Ooh and all the good you can dream of. Ok now at the time of finding that who thou shalt enjoy the family life, it gets tough. There is no-one willing to give that honest answer. They expect you to tell if it is a No/Yes. These are some answers from brief excerpts. These were received from the different girls my hypothetical friend has asked out. This guy has never been turned down. I’ll call him Matt.
1. I love you to Matt, but not that sort of love. The other love. I really do care for you.
2. You such a great guy. Any girl would fall for you. Trust me. Even those better than me.
3. Matt. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, then you’d be my boyfriend. You are so sweet.
4. You are like a brother to me. A close friend. I don’t want to lose you.
5. I like you. But it’s just that the distance. I might find another guy.
6. You are so different from other guys. I wish we would be together but I just ain’t ready.
7. Many girls like you by the way. Including me, but it’s just that I can’t. It’s Personal
Who of the seven means NO? It’s so hard to tell. Is No in between the letters? Is there a code in the sentences (Like the Da-Vinci code)? So when does No really mean No and then mean yes. I bet i’d sound better if Matt had gotten a straight No. Matt is celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his No that never appeared day on 17th July. I think on that day he got answer number 4. Well from that day on he has never known if it really meant to be a No.

The Prologue comes from the British comedy series by the BBC. It’s called Yes Minister. (Season 3 episode 4: The moral Dimension)
Yes Minister is a satirical British sitcom written by Sir Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn that was first transmitted by BBC television and radio between 1980 and 1984, split over three seven-episode series. The sequel, Yes, Prime Minister, ran from 1986 to 1988. In total there were 38 episodes—of which all but one lasted half an hour.

Jul 13, 2009

Greasy Wallpaper

White walls are like the open space. They blossom.
Painting images of hope and hopelessness.
He is a young man. Early 20’s. A student.
A smiling face he will always display.
A hungry stomach he possesses.
He is not greedy. It’s forced fasting.
Last week a girl kindly offered chicken and the local delicacy (matooke). Boldly he refused it.
“I don’t eat chicken,” he says. All in the name of proving he wasn’t hungry. Impressing the girl.
Remember that quote “desperate times call for desperate situations?”
He armed himself with a table knife. With his friends they went to hunt.
The prey was in someone’s garden. A bunch of matooke.
Unsuccessfully his friends let him down. Scared they got. Mission abandoned.
Still hungry he remained. Plan B. Boil water and make black tea.
Day one. Day two. Day three. He had black tea. Breakfast, Break, Lunch and Supper.
Dry buns, bread and chapatti act as an interlude.
He spends his lunch break on the internet. He will read a book. “Unlocking the power of your purpose.”
This he says is to get inspiration. Locks himself in his room. Windows media player is turned on.
Loud music. He assumes he has shut down the world. Detached from it he feels.
He missed “Prom night.” He wanted to go. Dry he felt, looked and assumed.
“Where is he?” They all asked. He didn’t pay on time his friends reply.
Others assume since his choice of a date said “NO” then it broke his heart.
He holds the reason to himself.
He works hard. No pay. Gives up. Tries again. Waits for the sunrise. Watches the sunset.
For generations he hopes to live.
Dragged down by his lifestyle. He closes his heart. Denies he can’t love.
Reason: His life is too complicated. Wouldn’t want to involve a girl.
“The worst is yet to come,” he says to himself.
His lifestyle is unmatched. He is envied. Not for his persistence.
But for his addiction to hunger.
He is admired for what a great guy he is. Great he may be.
Little do they know how much suffering he is going through.
His phone has been waxed. Stripped of making phone calls. He tries. Only to be answered
“Yo’ account balance is too low to complete this call.”
He then asks himself “why they have to add “too low”
He wants to tell his father about the breaking news, about his growing problem. Stuck he looks.
Scared he gets. He rarely talks to the father about life issues. He chooses not to. He Shuts up and waits.
Patience, luck and hope. Thats his belief.

This is the tale of a broke chap.

Clear and present danger by Tom Clancy

Jul 7, 2009

Dusting MJ’s Dashboard

Dusting the cobwebs off the audio tape. In 1995 (I think) I received a gift from my special auntie. It was an MJ audio tape. The only song I could sing was Bad. Honestly I enjoyed it. I have never seen my auntie since then. In the days of primary school I read all the stuff about MJ. I developed some admiration for the guy. He looked fine to me. In the chorus of Bad there is a “line” that says.

“Whose bad?

I used to think it was

“Whose that?” And I would proudly sing along

Anyone who watched the “black or white” Video would actually agree with me on this one. At my young age I actually thought he was like some sort of magician who could change his face and become a woman. Around primary school and early days of secondary school we would be in small group and the one guy who enjoyed dominating conversations would insist that MJ would change faces. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if he would change or not. I however got confused. I had this MJ picture on my wall and he was black. Then he changed and I saw a different MJ. One who was light and had lost his blackness. Damn I started believing that guy in secondary school. MJ could change faces.

That eventually I got to found out. He was a normal guy who fancied shedding that black skin. Then the Thriller video. 14 minutes of a horror movie. Looked quite scaring. I would only watch it during the day. I got used to it. “All I wanna say is that they don’t really about us.” I enjoyed that Vid. Made alot of sense. There is this other Video where the animals die, trees fly around and blah blah about the nature destruction a great one two. Then “one more chance.” There is the other one where he is chasing this gal and she plays hard to get. Then the UNICEF song. Ok am done here. I watched these on the only TV station around then. Uganda Television.

In secondary school I was interested in dancing. Don’t want to get so deep. I really danced. The entertainment club in my school had no MJ and by 2003 I had taken over the club. I become the entertainment prefect in tightly contested election. Crap crap crap. Lets dust the dashboard. “U rock my world,” the video. This is probably the best video I have watched (Subject to debate). I danced this song with an old friend “Kalenzi” (Haven’t seen him since 2004). Wow we were good. On stage the audience (the girls especially) watched, screamed and cheered. In same year, my last performance we did Smooth Criminal. Boooom !!! stuff was real. Ok I’d proudly thank my choreographer “Owen.” He had taught me the moves in 2002 and he however left the school. Where he moved to he became Omarion in another school . He was a B2k guy.

After that last performance I got back complications. Lost my touch. It was over. MJ lived on. Had his troubles. Developed cult status and I guess he considered himself a demi-god. He went from go-to-going and then gone. His critics will rant but the guy was good. He was an entertainer. A great dancer. Broke Chart records and made millions that he spent. People around him preferred to get his money. He had no-one to talk to. He rose to stardom and disappeared in it. Invincible he thought he was. There is a song by the killers “human.” I love the chorus.

Are we human or are we dancers?

My sign is vital, my hands are cold

And am on my knees looking for the answer

Are we human or are we dancers.

Then the 2nd stanza goes on to say

Pay my regards to grace and virtue

Send my condolences to good

Give my regards to soul and romance

They always did the best they could.

I could go on but anyway. The guy is dead. He is human (I hope he knew that). Whoever questions the hype then he/she should know this guy was a star. He probably had impact on many or none but he deserves to rest. Rest in peace it is. On Sunday I watched CNN’s Daily Edition and there was a clip from an NBC journalist who said something like this:

Here is something you will never hear again. MJ has died.”

Invincibility is to no human, we are no dancers। MJ was still finding the answer. At 50 it came and he went. So long and farewell MJ.


Human – The Killers

Broadway – Goo Goo Dolls

Flying so low – Chris Brown

Held – Natalie Grant

What’s my age again – Blink 182.

The little things give you away – Linkin Park

Breakfast – Newsboys.

Jul 1, 2009

“Blogger” goes into administration

This rumour has been going on for atleast three weeks. I would like to confirm this by announcing that this blog has gone into administration. The current financial crisis is partly the cause. The new Brain crunch has also been a cause for filing for bankruptcy. We would like to announce that there are issues that led to the crunch.
Toxic assets
This company acquired toxic assets that would not be sold to anyone. This led to “brokenness.” The blog has been making losses. It acquired and accumulated debts. The CEO was the one borrowing and on behalf of the blog he could not sustain it. He had to file for bankruptcy protection. There was a slight credit freeze. The prevailing economic turbulence could allow the blogger to stay in business
Paper planes
This is a brain freeze. The blogger could only resort to using a pen and piece of paper. The paper could not be uploaded on the internet. The blogger could no longer afford the internet costs because of the crunch. The paper was also washed down the washing machine. A brain freeze, the memory was completely lost. It could not be recovered.
The blogger has one brain and it unfortunately had other assignments for close to a month. Apparently the blogger went for further studies and had too much work to do. Course work and over 30 pages of a report, designing a newspaper page, finding a name and running a newspaper, working on my public speaking speech and also working on marketing and advertising reports.
Saving energy
The blogger has been saving energy. Thanks to the lightening and rain the blogger has been able to support the going green cause. The power fluctuations have become part of the bloggers life.
These are destructions that needed the bloggers’ attention. Twenty20 cricket, confederations cup, Transformers: revenge of the fallen, Angels and Demons (the movie), 24 season 7, 2 Tom Clancy books, the apprentice, doing assignments for a brother and then the girl.
Clotting blood
The blogger had his blood clotting after he was told to retake a paper. Apparently he had scored a 38%. It broke his heart. It was unbelievable. He had to move up and down looking for the Professor to probably re-mark. It took the blogger 5months to have his real marks. Only a week ago, his faculty had to apologise for the error they made in writing his marks. 68% it was.
Uncertain future
The bloggers’ future is at stake. He is challenged by the task of getting a job. The hurdles are getting higher and higher. He is only 5feet and something. Reading a Donald Trump biography isn’t helping much.
Blame the blogger or not, it has been a terrible month. In a press briefing later this week there will a bail out in the offing. The blogger will soon return to his laptop and blow the dust off his dashboard.

The deceiver by Frederick Forsyth
Listening to:
"Say (All I Need)" by One republic