Oct 27, 2009

Here I stand.......

Here I sit, watching my computer screen looking at me.
The screen is blank and black.
I think.

Five days ago while on the job of moving up and down
A motocycle put me down. I was sent crushing by the motocycle.
I was the passenger. I survived. My pelvic hurts though.

So I think again what should I type.
Am not heartbroken. I'd rather call it the transition to a new life
Without what I wished or what I held and left fly.
Please dont judge me. Am not complaining.

Last weekend was a blast. I spent sometime with some one called
Joss Stone somewhere near Gayaza. Interesting what she is doing for
Kids down that side are realy benefiting from the Charity work she does.
I cant put down her whole profile, just click here and read what you can.

Its is also official that K'naan could be coming to Uganda on November 14th. I'll keep
you updated.


In life there are things we are scared of
Things that haunt us
Things that make us walk facing down
Things we have failed to reconcile
Things that stick memories yet they are tormentors

Then on this day you decide
I wont look back again
I'll look forward and say
I look to the future
Its not grim but its lively

On this one day you make your wish
Then you decide
This is my time.
My time to shine.
Its my turf and no-one will stop me.
Its the time you accept to let someone in
That someone will never break your heart
That someone lives in me.

Oct 20, 2009

Special Announcement but first.........

Hush now

This is for you
The one who stayed
But then left
The one who stood by
And then laid back
The one who held my hand
And then let go
The one who I watched
And then you drift away

The one who slit my throat
And proudly boasted
The one who knows the truth
But lives in denial
The one with who offered
Me a rose
But then stole it from me again
The one who lied to my soul
And then squeezed blood from my heart

The one that is bold enough
To deny how they feel
The one who is proud of me
But is not appreciative of me
Then who made the choice to go beyond
But could deny they meant it
The one who says they love another
But then they love me.
The one who breathed life in me
And then sucked it out

Now that you are gone
Like a dagger slicing my body parts
Please don’t come back
Since you are sure of what you are doing
You are amazing, lovely and pleasurable
But you have the choice
A choice where you are living in denial
And as the last tear drop rolls off my cheek
It’s time for me to Hush and be quiet
I my heart you live and I will not deny that.

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Oct 13, 2009


The beauty of life is to appreciate how diverse human nature behaves. People are different. If put together they can make a very beautiful fabric. Ever been in love? Ok I can see that the answers are different. Obviously some are saying Yes others are saying No.

"Hey you over there, do you have anything to say?" I ask a young man in the corner who kept his hand up.

He is a blue shirt and the crowd is large. I cannot see his height. But he seems bothered. He looks sucked up, drained and his state is alarming.

"Yes, I'd like to say something," he says in english. He has a strong voice. He looks bold enough.

I try to tell the crowd that its late and they do not have to listen to a story. The crowd is aigitated and haul insults at me.

"Who told you we are tired? we want to listen. Whats your problem," they shout

"ok, ok, ok I'll let the young man come right in front and please listen," I softly say. I was looking rather embarrased. How could I deny these people from listening to this storyteller. He walks to the stage, and I notice he is in blue sandles, rather dusty feet. His faded blue jeans have brown patches and his blue shirt has a clear embeded word in thick black "I am screwed." His face is pale and from a distance I can see his hair is the colour of the earth.

"Listen carefully, this is it," he says.

Once I got stabbed straight in the heart. Though you may not see the scar, I got stabbed. Two days ago is when it happened. I was busy jubilating on my success', I had piled myself with 5 DVDs knowing my night would be a very beautiful one. I get home, its rather cold and from the skies I can tell its rather gray. I took a nice warm shower and settled into my chair and started rather not so lonely movie night.

What was I celebrating? half a triumph. I had given  three quaters of my heart to someone who needed it. someone who I believe deserved it. It was noble of me but I knew it was for the best. What I had not realised is that I was using only a quater of a heart. I was getting tired so fast. In giving away my heart, I had agreed with the receiving person that I would get three quaters of theirs to. That night passed and I slept. My brother saw me sleeping and in the morning he told me that I was sleep smiling.

I woke up to a heavy downpoar, so I cancelled my morning plans. I needed a heart. I was getting tired. With the advance in technology I set up a video conference call with my exchanging patner. I tell her to return the favour and she said that she would letting me know of the developments. I wait.
Day 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 and I grow weaker and weaker and there is nothing from her. She is too silent. She is lost.
So finaly I confronted her. Immediately she turns to me.

"What do you want from me?," she asks.

"I need my heart back, am dying. This one cant hold for long," I reply

"You know what? I am not giving you anything. Not even yours. Now please leave me alone," she says.

Then I watch her closely, speechless. I beg for her to help. She looks at me so sofly. Its like she has changed her mind. She gets close and then her left hand moves around my neck and pulls me close. Her lips are separated from mine by the size of a thread. I am weak so I wait. In a flash, she stabs me in the heart. She pulls out the remaining heart and steps on it. She kisses me and walks away.

Ladies and gentlemen, thats the beauty of life. She broke my heart.
He ends his story and walks off the stage. I also decide tell the crowd that this session of storytelling is over. They all leave whispering to eachother.

Oct 6, 2009

The story of moi'

“.......I turn my head east; I don’t see nobody by my side.
I turn my head to the west; still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride.
That old me’s dead and gone but the new me will be alright....”

The room is dark. The only sounds that your ears can “think” about are the bats that seem to be flying around. There is barely any sound, no light and there is a smell that chokes your throat. You want cough but then you can’t. Your are scared that you will pounced on by a dark, red eyed wolf or a sharp toothed vampire that is waiting for dusk to be extended. You look around, confused and now all you can hear is your heartbeat. You speak to yourself but you are saying nothing to yourself. You try to touch the wall and all you feel are cobwebs.

You dare not take a step ahead, you start walking backwards. But because you can barely see anything, you get lost. More darkness, this time there is a smell of blood. Thick and fresh. The floor starts to get sticky and you can only wish it were a dream. You rub the eyes, so you could wake up, but then you realise its real.

“Move backwards,” a voice says.

But you are scared. If you move backwards you will be gobbled up by the creature that sucks life out of humans.

“Move forwards,” another voice says.

But you do not know what is ahead. There could be another life sucking creature. You however realise all that went in, moved backward and life was sucked out of them.

You need to decide before it’s too late. A choice has to be made. You can smell thick blood if you moved backwards, but right ahead of you, nothing. You do not know what is ahead. You wait. Ponder, watch and pray. You move forward 3 steps. The wooden floor creaks. You pause. Move one step back and then 5 ahead, through the leaking roof, traces of light.  You want to run, as you begin to run the wood crack and you sent crashing into the floor. Below the wood is hole. You hold on onto a piece of wood, pull yourself up and get back to the floor.

“That was close,” you say to yourself.

As you move forward, the light increases. There you are. A door. Quickly you hold the handle, move it down and the door is stuck. You do not have the key. There is no key. Hands to your hips, head facing down and you are breathing hard; you watch the large metallic door. Then you ask you self how you got in.

“Bingo,” you shout.

You had used a key to get in. So have to use the same key to open. You check your pockets, pull out a key, push it in the door, twist it around and the door screeches open. The light is vast. Open and filled with a beautiful world. The challenge is how you get into this new world and get to live the life of your dreams.

This is the story of my life. Now that I have joined a totally different new world of different expectations, the challenge is greater than that which I have been through.