Mar 25, 2010

Somone stole my baby

It a sorrowful month for me, as someone decided to take my baby. The baby was just over 1year old and was increasingly getting closer to my heart. I loved this baby that I would spend considerable time with it. The baby took time to remind me of memories long gone. What always appeased me was its memory. It could remember everyone that comes into its sight.

I had become fond of it and for anyone who would seek to take it away from me, I would refuse. It’s not that am going to wear black for it or spend a week to mourn its death. Life has to go on. But atleast without it, there will a difference in my life. On that fateful day I remember leaving the baby alone, in a rush to go and meet the president as he launched a book on the Ugandan Economy. The rush was to blame because that is the time I last saw it. I should have taken my time, but I got so selfish and forgot my baby.

I remember that day I walked into the room and could not locate you. I searched all around the room and people around me thought I was mad. No-one knew what was wrong. For a week I remained silent thinking the baby had crawled away and would bring itself back. This was a lie I told myself. The future had been compromised. I had lost it all.

A week later, the burning of the Kasubi tombs overshadowed the loss off my baby. My baby was somewhere unknown and I’d have loved it to keep dumbfounded memories for me to keep. But the baby was not close by. I placed an announcement on the notice board asked all the people around me but no-one seemed to know where my baby was. The more people I told, the more they asked about my Baby. They felt sorry but this couldn’t recover my baby.

Good bye Baby Junior a.k.a my camera. I don’t know whether I will ever get to see you again. Atleast you have left me with memories that I will never forget. I have lost all hope and do not think I will ever find a replacement for you soon. For each day that passes, I know life has to go on. The world is not waiting.

That picture is the place where we used to fetch water in my village. That water we would use to bathe and wash our clothes. This is strictly rain water. It’s natural water tank. We would carry yellow 5litre jerry-cans and bend-over on the edges to fetch water. I took this picture last Christmas but this water now stands still, with technology this water has been ignored.

Mar 18, 2010

Kasubi tombs... (backstory)

Inside the Kasubi tombs. These some of the irreplaceable valuables in the tomb. This has been the part of the integrity of the Buganda Kingdom for being able to preserve part of their culture. More than 200 years of history went into flames.

Buganda official Medard Ssegona Lubega described the fire as the "second biggest tragedy" in the kingdom's history.
"There are many men of our fallen kings lie in this house, which is now down to ashes," he told the BBC's Network Africa.
"It is something that we have built and kept and maintained for our children and grandchildren and many generations unborn."

Why I hate Number 3

3 are the number of people who are were shot dead at the razed Kasubi Tombs. 

The military opened fire after a crowd of people tried to block president Museveni’s convoy from accessing the cultural site that burnt to ashes.
The army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye gave this explanation:
“Our soldiers deployed at Kasubi came under a hail of stones thrown by some rascals, They fired in the air in self-defence but, unfortunately, two people were hit and they died while five were injured.”
Gunshots rocked the area around Kasubi with highly charged protesters.Well as its a loss to Buganda Kingdom, it is also a loss to the country. So the whole country should be in mourning. Although not everyone is emotionally attached but I have visited the tombs and has beautiful. The scenery and art of the Baganda in this place was amazing. Its loss to Bugunda and Uganda also. Last night a friend of mine received this text message.
"Our Destiny, Culture and Norms is being destroyed. First its Kabaka, then CBS and now the Kasubi tombs have been burnt down......Gwe nga Omuganda Okozewo ki? Send this 2 others." (The bold means "What have you done as a Muganda")
This text is provoking.
This is because of the theory that the Government is to blame. Well as the inquiries into this fire go on, then it should be noted that people are suspecting its arson. The investigation should be able to find out the exact cause of the fire.

Supporters of Mr Museveni and Buganda's King Ronald Mutebi have been at loggerheads since riots last year.
They fell out after the king - whose role is largely ceremonial - accused the government of blocking him from visiting a part of his kingdom.
At least 20 people died in riots linked with that incident. And angry protesters and royal advisers have said they believe the tomb fire might have been arson.

The place is a designated UNESCO cultural heritage center, It was grass thatched and that meant in case of fire it would be razed to the ground. My wonder is where there is no water Hydrant in that particular area. Atleast this would have reduced the extent of damage.

The government has said it will re-build the tombs. But this may not bring back what was preserved inside the tombs. Life has to go on despite all these.
it is said that out the ashes rises something great! So don't despair that fast!

 Kabaka Mutebi wipes away tears during his visit to the tombs (Newvision)

There have 3 tragic incidences this year and that makes me hate number three the more. Buduuda landslides, Two students shot dead at Makerere University and then the Kasubi tombs were razed.

Mar 9, 2010

One more chance

The stars brightly beacon over the red lit sky
Over the trees the moon forms
Sending a ray of gray and orange
The round shaped orange moon appears
Its hope for a new night
The scent of the evening breeze sets the night in motion
Watching from a crowded sidewalk, he stares at the skyline
He is walking as people are all around him seem so far
He is focused on the red lit sky
Thinking of his conquest
He talks to the moon

His prowess is enchanted
But all he thinks about is his conquest
A conquest that remains his mystery
A shooting star appears
He makes a wish
A wish known to himself
He then smiles
Girl next to him smiles back
But she is mistaken, for his charm is not meant for her

It would not be her smile for he is thinking another
Another that he had seen a few months ago
One who has lit his smile and brightened his life
She has become the light that beacons in the skyline
She has created a lacework of orange
She has sent butterflies that always tingle in his stomach
She has become part of his thoughts
The part of his thoughts that makes him smile
Her pure innocence startles him
She remains the beacon of hope
That has become part of his life

As he walks towards the road he is still glaring at the skyline
It’s a night of restlessness
A night that everyone ceases
A night where darkness is day
A night where darkness rules
A night that he crosses the road
And there is loud screech
A screech of the light blue range rover
That sends him back to the roadside 

The man in the range rover lowers his window 
And points the middle finger to the young man
The one who had handed
Himself to the Range Rover
His fate purely unknown, but he survives this one
He recovers from his thoughts and his heartbeat can
Be measured by his inability to believe he has survived
But then he remembers
The wish
The wish he made when the shooting star appeared
“I would like to get the opportunity to tell her how much I like her”
He still had the opportunity.

Mar 4, 2010

What will the gun do?

President Museveni laying a wreath on the bodies of children killed by the huge landslide in Bududa district on Monday. (Picture From NewVision)

So, what is the gun for? landslides and mudslides cannot be shot at. I wonder what the gun signifies.

Mar 2, 2010

The letter to my newly found

Intrigued by the desires of my heart, happiness seems to have made the return journey. It had taken a vacation. It has become obvious that she is newly found but I will do my best to keep her away from sleek. So I have decided to write her this letter.

Dearest Beloved

This is the first letter I am jotting writing since we met in November last year. It was memorable and I remember us seated in the lounge waiting for our function to begin. The wait was worthwhile as we interacted and I enjoyed our chit-chat. I was impressed by the insight and sudden conversation you had triggered. I remember the chat about journalism in Uganda, and then when I told you I had some work to finish and you asked if you could type the  work for me. It was beginning to become enjoyable until the people at the function came back from their lunch break.
I remember our second meet at yet another one of those functions and this time we spent some good time together and still we discussed so much on the professional side. I deeply enjoyed the company and your calmness took me into extreme attention. Then I started listening to a knock in the heart. I began to have what most people call feelings. You could have noticed because I remember one day you asked me.

Why are you looking at me like that? And my reply was just a simple smile. You smiled back and shrugged it off.

The close relationship we are leading ourselves into has been characterised by texts, phone calls and e-mails. The complements, sharing and care we have been offering each other have made me question our friendship. I have been trying to know about you and so far so good. You have cared but I haven’t shown immediate interest instead I keep acting the gentleman.

I wouldn’t tell you am a slow guy but am taking my time. The scarf you offered me in the cold rugged and rainy Friday was special. I remember refusing it yet I was freezing, you insisted and I took it. Then I forgot to return it. It has been a companion because each time I want to bring it to your workplace I think about asking you out to lunch on a date. My scared soul lets me down on this road. 

Am taking my time but am told you won’t wait. I’ve been told to atleast show signals of interest so you don’t think am just a gentleman. This I want to do by asking you out on a date. I do not know if I can tell you now but am finding it hard to find the guts.  I don’t know if you like me but so that you know, I like you but it won’t be soon that you will find out about this.

For now I’ll live with it and please remember you are now my newly found love.

Please do not read this letter.

Always Loving


Good life - One republic.

the camel club - David Baldacci