Jun 29, 2011

Not Blogging. Moving soon.

Its been ages since I posted anything here.Wait. Long since I posted. That is an understatement. Well I have a couple(Not a couple, more than a couple) of excuses. (Always have an excuse for everything. Backspace and remove the word everything and replace it with "not doing something".)

1. Got a new job. Yes. 2011 started in a not so cool fashion. I had quit my old job (despite the passion I had for journalism but was sort of not willing to get my balls  squeezed for pennies). Unfortunately where I was headed for some PR work, things crumbled. Three months without a job. Then I went back to my old job just to keep my hands full. Then I got an offer which on paper looked attractive but with my experience and how much I was sacrificing, I turned it down. Just as I turned it down. An offer came in. Yes. I got the job at a Magazine and now I am settled.
Before I proceed. Need to go back and read what I have just written. Is their any reason I offered for not blogging. Nope. So what is the reason? I have been BUSY. Couldn't blink. Probation has never been easy and I needed to prove a point.
*wipes face*

2. Blame Twitter. Yes, I had never been an active user of Facebook and then Twitter came. I ran to Twitter. 160words and that was it. It was not that hard. So easy to find something to  write. (Closes page and goes to drafts. There are so many incomplete posts). Well I must admit twitter had eaten into my blogging time. Once again. Not so good a reason.

3. Personal life challenges. This is an area vastly explored in some of the blog posts I have previously posted. Personal events tend to bring the hammer and dagger down my head. This could be a good reason. But then I could have blogged about it but I did not. Not a good reason too.

4. I am moving. The Anagram is supposed to get a new home and I have been shelving it for a while. The Anagram was supposed to have moved in May but I got caught up in some non-unexplained circumstances.
Yes. The Anagram will have be re-branding and securing a new home. Since 2009, this has been the home of the Anagram, but it is about time it grows. I have been thinking of writing a goodbye note now, but I am still thinking about it. (there is something wrong with the last sentence).

Well now I do not think I have reasons for not blogging more often. Then amma reserve my other words for the final post before The Anagram moves to a new location.

Now back to work.