Sep 29, 2010

Away but BRB

I will be back to blogger and Twitter on Monday 4th October. I have been and still away on Holiday somewhere..... Hill Climbing, bird watching, reading, this waterfall....

Oh Baz amma be reading the whole new domainwhatevername you may call it but the Awesomeness is yet to hit me. Bookmarked it like Tumwi did. And Tumwi, am still trying to ingest Blacula so am staying closely away from your latest post............. Hey els, you know I cant wait to be back. (I have your sandwich in exchange for some pictures) . World Peace forever..... :). Then there I was reading Observer on a lazy Tuesday evening and I saw himself The Rogue King........with Nigel 5..... Dude kudos kudos......  Brother Nev......I was there too..... Did you see the pixels by DT? Then there I was. I  was reading Sunday Vision on Tuesday....(weird huh) and then I saw, her self...... Darlyne with a byline on the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts and then am like huh......ok.... so warrup.....and then I read..... (No mention of Rachael K). or and then some dude called Harry II something something something, thinks the Uneven were not worth or worthy of an arts performance.... Or well they do..... FYI Bayimba is an international thingy...... Yah, no time for ranting....
Ouch, Rachael has been getting all the negative publicity but the question is can she really sing? I think she tries....atleast way better than Mya of BLU-3 its now BLU-1. So I asked Lady Sinister whether Rachael K can sing.......and all she could say was............. "I'd rather hold a used Napkin or Pamper than listen to........."
Truth be told (cliche) I did not ask her, but considering the intro to her latest post, then I made my own little conclusion.............. The Stories of Things Yah am also excited about African Writers but am worried about African Readers and a generation that is totally not reading.....(true story).
Enough for now. Need to get back to this 1500 piece please stop distracting me.....

Back to Black - Amy (who) Winehouse.....

Sep 14, 2010

Miss Not

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Sep 2, 2010

Mein Traum

                                (Aero Beach Entebbe  sometime last year. Picture by Me)
When I look at the orange skies while resting in the sand on a Sunday evening at the beach, I ask myself.
Why is the sky so beautiful?”

In my mind I find this had to answer so I just keep staring. When I start dreaming I never want to stop, because the dream is as beautiful as the one I am seeing. If only I could Leornardo Di-Caprio walk into my room and plant a dream/idea in my brain, then things would be less like they are now.

Clogged in thoughts of the clichés that “Dreams can come true,” is something I am less likely to believe these days.

I have no Choice but to say, one day I will dream and this dream will be real. I will touch it, feel it, grope it, hug it, spin it and most of all I will know that it is true. But before that happens I will just keep dreaming.