Mar 18, 2010

Kasubi tombs... (backstory)

Inside the Kasubi tombs. These some of the irreplaceable valuables in the tomb. This has been the part of the integrity of the Buganda Kingdom for being able to preserve part of their culture. More than 200 years of history went into flames.

Buganda official Medard Ssegona Lubega described the fire as the "second biggest tragedy" in the kingdom's history.
"There are many men of our fallen kings lie in this house, which is now down to ashes," he told the BBC's Network Africa.
"It is something that we have built and kept and maintained for our children and grandchildren and many generations unborn."

Why I hate Number 3

3 are the number of people who are were shot dead at the razed Kasubi Tombs. 

The military opened fire after a crowd of people tried to block president Museveni’s convoy from accessing the cultural site that burnt to ashes.
The army spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye gave this explanation:
“Our soldiers deployed at Kasubi came under a hail of stones thrown by some rascals, They fired in the air in self-defence but, unfortunately, two people were hit and they died while five were injured.”
Gunshots rocked the area around Kasubi with highly charged protesters.Well as its a loss to Buganda Kingdom, it is also a loss to the country. So the whole country should be in mourning. Although not everyone is emotionally attached but I have visited the tombs and has beautiful. The scenery and art of the Baganda in this place was amazing. Its loss to Bugunda and Uganda also. Last night a friend of mine received this text message.
"Our Destiny, Culture and Norms is being destroyed. First its Kabaka, then CBS and now the Kasubi tombs have been burnt down......Gwe nga Omuganda Okozewo ki? Send this 2 others." (The bold means "What have you done as a Muganda")
This text is provoking.
This is because of the theory that the Government is to blame. Well as the inquiries into this fire go on, then it should be noted that people are suspecting its arson. The investigation should be able to find out the exact cause of the fire.

Supporters of Mr Museveni and Buganda's King Ronald Mutebi have been at loggerheads since riots last year.
They fell out after the king - whose role is largely ceremonial - accused the government of blocking him from visiting a part of his kingdom.
At least 20 people died in riots linked with that incident. And angry protesters and royal advisers have said they believe the tomb fire might have been arson.

The place is a designated UNESCO cultural heritage center, It was grass thatched and that meant in case of fire it would be razed to the ground. My wonder is where there is no water Hydrant in that particular area. Atleast this would have reduced the extent of damage.

The government has said it will re-build the tombs. But this may not bring back what was preserved inside the tombs. Life has to go on despite all these.
it is said that out the ashes rises something great! So don't despair that fast!

 Kabaka Mutebi wipes away tears during his visit to the tombs (Newvision)

There have 3 tragic incidences this year and that makes me hate number three the more. Buduuda landslides, Two students shot dead at Makerere University and then the Kasubi tombs were razed.


  1. i actually agree with the theory that the current government might have something to do with this fire.

    I also agree with pple preventing M7 from accessing the tombs. He did not deserve to be there. He was mocking buganda and the people by his presence and then he get his soliders to shoot at pple - what kind of governance takes pride in this under the pretext of self defence.
    From denying middle class citizens education to destroying heritage and still some people say no change.

    Today a tear has been shade but this is not the first and i certainly doubt it is the last as long as we are still under the same governance.

  2. We don't need such text messages, trust me we don't. it is because of incitations like those that such awful things are happening.
    but ask ur self, is it worth it?
    Now we(ugandans)have lost one of the few cultural Heritages we have left.

  3. hi mckeith, its been a while!

    i read that the Fire Brigade got there in 20 minutes when the fire was still manageable but the useless ugandans milling around and being generally useless wouldn't let them pass until 2 hours had passed when nothing could be done.

    if that's true then shame on us for being utter idiots. and if its true i refuse to mourn our own stupidity

  4. well, what happened at the tombs is really sad.... and moreover a monument that's been standing for 130 years!!!!

    I personally think those comments that the government is responsible for what happened are from a biased point of view. Yeah, so the government had wrangles with the Buganda government and all... Still, why on earth would anyone go and mess up something that they and the entire country is benefiting from?! The tombs were an important tourist attraction... and i don't think anyone would go do something as dumb as burning the tombs just coz of a disagreement... that'd be way too childish... anyway, i am not the greatest government supporter but i don't think it's fair to just blame em without proof... How 'bout giving em the benefit of the doubt?

    Anyway, let's hope the investigation team does a thorough job on this one... :-)

    Yeah. As for the students at MUK... some of those guards really need to be taken to the city square and be shot dead! second time i'm hearing something of the sort... not nice at all...

  5. @Ugandan Girl
    He is the president of the country so he can visit any part of this country. The problem was the bloodshed which for me was like committing suicide. How do you stone the presidents convoy and expect to get a way with it.
    Only that I expected the security protocol to have done better in preparing the grounds for him to come amidst less calm.
    We wouldnt want our presidents life to come under threat.

    @eddsla 99% agree with you

    Its been a while. I know. So much is happening to me behind the scenes.
    Ummmmm ok. Am informed that the fire brigade got there 15mins after the fire begun but they were blocked by the people.
    Now I believe that if this was a heritage site then fire should have been prepared for.

    @4hbct I agree with you on the point that the government did not have hand in this. Why? When I try to use my common sense but it just doesnt add up when people blame the government for the fire. There are other probable situations. I do not know what the government would gain from burning down such significant history.
    The people have probably become too passionate to realise not everything is blamed on the government.
    Lets wait for the investigation. But the longer it takes the more people will be left guessing

  6. F*d up country we live in...and the ground's now ripe for all sorts of mayhem; God save us