Oct 6, 2009

The story of moi'

“.......I turn my head east; I don’t see nobody by my side.
I turn my head to the west; still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride.
That old me’s dead and gone but the new me will be alright....”

The room is dark. The only sounds that your ears can “think” about are the bats that seem to be flying around. There is barely any sound, no light and there is a smell that chokes your throat. You want cough but then you can’t. Your are scared that you will pounced on by a dark, red eyed wolf or a sharp toothed vampire that is waiting for dusk to be extended. You look around, confused and now all you can hear is your heartbeat. You speak to yourself but you are saying nothing to yourself. You try to touch the wall and all you feel are cobwebs.

You dare not take a step ahead, you start walking backwards. But because you can barely see anything, you get lost. More darkness, this time there is a smell of blood. Thick and fresh. The floor starts to get sticky and you can only wish it were a dream. You rub the eyes, so you could wake up, but then you realise its real.

“Move backwards,” a voice says.

But you are scared. If you move backwards you will be gobbled up by the creature that sucks life out of humans.

“Move forwards,” another voice says.

But you do not know what is ahead. There could be another life sucking creature. You however realise all that went in, moved backward and life was sucked out of them.

You need to decide before it’s too late. A choice has to be made. You can smell thick blood if you moved backwards, but right ahead of you, nothing. You do not know what is ahead. You wait. Ponder, watch and pray. You move forward 3 steps. The wooden floor creaks. You pause. Move one step back and then 5 ahead, through the leaking roof, traces of light.  You want to run, as you begin to run the wood crack and you sent crashing into the floor. Below the wood is hole. You hold on onto a piece of wood, pull yourself up and get back to the floor.

“That was close,” you say to yourself.

As you move forward, the light increases. There you are. A door. Quickly you hold the handle, move it down and the door is stuck. You do not have the key. There is no key. Hands to your hips, head facing down and you are breathing hard; you watch the large metallic door. Then you ask you self how you got in.

“Bingo,” you shout.

You had used a key to get in. So have to use the same key to open. You check your pockets, pull out a key, push it in the door, twist it around and the door screeches open. The light is vast. Open and filled with a beautiful world. The challenge is how you get into this new world and get to live the life of your dreams.

This is the story of my life. Now that I have joined a totally different new world of different expectations, the challenge is greater than that which I have been through.


  1. You'll do fine Mck, you'll do fine...get as many lap dances as u can

  2. as i read, i thought to myself, i could use this to describe my life....then i read the end and saw that you were describing your life.

    i guess the ans to surviving in the new world is persevering, hanging on and believing in yourself.

    nice blog

  3. kati the baby, now you realise there will not be much cerelac, or is it, NAN...(a tear for you...)