Sep 28, 2009

Another Ugandan graduate

Dreams have come and others have passed by but I am still alive.
The next few days remind alot of troubles a child but then its a moment
I will cherish and live to rememeber.
On Friday this week I will be yet another Ugandan graduate.
Yet another one who will looking for the ideal job.

So please leave a message after the  tone.  I will not be available for some time.



  1. So you read hard, you graduate...

    good you did not waste your time on beer and women and drugs.

    Now go get yourself a job...and have fun.

    I'm serious GO HAVE A BLAST

  2. Where shall the party be?

    Congs bruv.

  3. hey after grad is nice too..

  4. Welcome to the world...if all fails, i cd show u a thing or two about swagger