Sep 8, 2009


Rain drops gently fall to the ground. They form little spectacular splashes. Gently the skies darken like a night in harlem. The splendor of the rain lets its self create the hush sound. The water flows and touches the dry ground. The scent of the wet-dry soil arouses the desire of one to pluck out the soil and let it down the throat. But you wait. The rain increases like the stones rolling downhill. The soil gets muddy and disgusting. You do not want to look.  

I recently travelled to the one place I call home. There is this amazing gift God sent us. The boy is around 8years. His story is horrifying. The boys mother is a psycho, dumb and deaf. But despite her situation someone took the pleasure of satisfying their sexual feelings on this woman. She got pregnant and gave birth. Apparently there is no man who could accept responsibility.

"Which man can even get aroused by such a woman," they'd comment.

She gave birth but who on earth would let her look after the baby. Well it actually worked for her. She never even had the time for the baby. It was about time something was done. The mother would wander off and comeback late in the night. The baby almost passed on.
The boy at 5months was almost the size of tooth-pick was taken by a good samritan who has proudly looked after him. The boy has lots of energy, he runs around the house and well the bad thing is he can't speak clearly and struggles to read and understand. Recently he was taken to a special needs school and they couldn't help. The teachers  would even do some work for him so that we would be impressed he is proggressing. They were lavishing in thy dimes.

Sometime this week someone sent him a Playstation 2 and said its my responsibilty to teach this boy how to play. Well i've tried and I must say it ain't easy. I've been trying to teach him some simple maths and english. Its very challenging. When I started tutoring him I declared to my guardian.

"The special needs school is reaping you off. Just do what you can from home."

She took the advice. I must say the maths and english aint going well but the PS2 is doing just fine. 
The boy despite his being different brings joy to our family.
Just like the raindrops make that difference on the soil. We too can me the difference in people lives. Just make sure you do not impose that difference, the other person may not like it.


  1. beautiful story...adoption here is alien..but that child is a handful eh?

  2. Dude stories like this I want to read like in 2012 when I know what I have in hand because they scare the skin off my bones.

  3. @sleek This kid is quite a handful. Tried to tell him that there is no PS2 today. The boy fell sick. He even vomited. Untill I had to reverse the decision.

    @chanel05 They exist all over. No avoiding them

  4. sometimes all we need is tender loving care...that makes the greatest difference of all.

    PS: so when can i come for PS2 lesson...or are you all booked up.?

  5. It's amazing what you're doing for him. Not many people would.

  6. A blessing that is what you are. Continue to be God's hands and feet right there, it brings a smile to Jesus face because He would have done the very same thing.

  7. @Ugandan girl. U can come right now. Am leaving this place soon. Or I could teach you online.

    @Princess Thanx

    @mjay I'll accept the blessing. Doing to others what you would them to do for you. Care

  8. I can tell you for a fact that that child will be more of a blessing to your life than people ever imagine you have been to his. Keep at it with patience and love.

  9. this is a beautiful thing you are doing. it is people like you who are the spirit of God in the world. thank you on the boy's behalf.