Dec 21, 2009

Its a great pleasure

Expression is free, it is taken on by those who are willing to embrace it.
2009 has been quite an amazing year. The negatives are looming over my afro-brown
hair. But right now  I dont care. As christmas draws closer, Its my turn to give.

Across the street she stands,
watching me.
Am watching her too.
She smiles. I smile back.
Its just the beginning.
After a few full moons.
Its a torrid time.
Remembering is horrific.

The sad stories are many
But the good stories are the best.
The empty spaces I try to fill are the most interesting
The spaces of the good things that happen.
The times when you graduate from one level.
Take a step ahead and become responsible.
The good days have just begun.
They need to stick around. I still need them.

Am now a grown up. Some people look up to me.
Some say I Inspire them. Hard to believe.
But its those people who make me work hard.
This year has been challenging but I have made bold decisions
And weak ones. Weak ones that I'd rather not talk about.
They are embarrasing.
But head forward, left leg in, right leg in. Thats a step forward.
Eventful it has been. From Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt and Micheal Jackson (RIP)
We have had movies: Metals fighting humans in Transformers, we have watched humans
seeking to plunder a planet called pandora in James Cameron's movie Avater.
The resolutions I had made, some still unaccomplished. But will come to pass.
Getting played, used and then shoved into the blender. Those are lessons.
But for me its been a pleasure. Am proud to be part of the community.

And for all I appreciate. As we glide into the new year and christmas. This could be my last post
until 2010. For I appreciate the reading I have done. All those blogs that kept me smiling, thinking,
scratching my head, slithering my tongue, choking because of my own saliva and the list is endless.

Here is to you. lets raise our glasses to (looking around)............ (fill in the blank)

Its been a pleasure.

:-) Merry Christmas and Happy holidays


  1. to new friendships....

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade, God take you through it all safe and sound!!

  2. To new friendships... its been a good read see you on the other side.. 2010 here we come..xx

  3. to new friends too, merry xmas

  4. that's quite heartening...

    but good to know that you are taking a lot of good from this year...and this year will always stand out in our lives...if not because we read books, but because, for a little while at least, we were free from them!