Apr 14, 2011

Goblets of Mischief

After I was denied from eating my candy by some men in some dotted zebra like clothing, life has changed pretty a-lot. These men look like they are from metropolis. With metals around their bodies, they reach out with their fists and idle hands, grab and bundle a pedestrian onto some blue truck for walking on the streets.
Walking was illegal in the city centre and this explains why the CBD only had SUV’s with tinted windows parked along the streets. Only those who could drive were allowed in the city.

The men in zebra like clothing were now street vendors and owned shops around town. They had taken the jobs of the humans. The humans had deserted the city. It was no-longer safe for them. They were no-longer free to trade good and walking in the city had been banned. The silence in the city was deafening, quiet and calm.  

The term civilians, that's how they are described, had become ruthless, idle and animalistic. They walked and patrolled every corner of the a little known city. The presence of less humans in the city meant the men in zebra like clothing were now using guns to shoot at flies, bees and any insect that tried to make any movement in the city.

So why have they started behaving like obsessed animals? (Recalling the biblical story where Jesus cast evil spirits from a human to pigs).

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