Nov 11, 2009

great thinkers

Am I a great thinker?
Am not the one who designed, its a friend who did.
So I decided I should get an opinion....
On this day(the pic was taken). I was in one of the most
boring lectures. One of the photojournalism students decided
it was a fabulous pic. I was thinking.

Its around 7:00am, and have to get busy now......
Be back later........


  1. socks.......

    oi great thinker....mmmhhhmm

  2. was that great thinking?......or was it Hunger?

  3. lmao at normzo's comment!

    and yes you are a great thinker

  4. @
    the best time to think is when you are hungry

  5. I don't know whether yo a great thinker but I know it was a great pic.

  6. dude you seemed to be staring longingly at some chap's morning katogo, aah i feel you pain

  7. they say pics are worth a thousand words but in this case i'm only getting for what, i have no friggin idea...

  8. @normzo...:)
    I love this pic, i really do, whoever took it...thumbs up!It says a lot..
    Btw, it looks like Kanye!

  9. @tricia is talking. Kanye..... I hope not the

    @nev I believe am a great thinker

    @ the emrys haha....katogo...mixed with egg plants...

    @L.A A thousand words.....this one is worth more than that....(maybe)