Nov 30, 2009

Losing UBHH-virginity

This post is possibly related to one of those escapades that seem to derail me off balance. Things that want to stick by me and stay with me. The thorough thought of it makes me want to get a stick shove it right through my intestines and pluck out that piece of the grasshopper leg that I swallowed. I belch. Disgusting I know. That’s it. I think am too high on those grasshoppers. Yummy. I have too many of them.

So it happens to have been UBHH last week, it was my very first. Well since its the African continent, I actually got the venue at 7pm after a hectic day at work. In my black suit and my precious bag am waiting. Uganda Telecom to blame, my twitter wasn’t working. I couldn’t receive any update. Rogue King had sent me a number on how to ID the bloggers. I couldn’t read any of them. My sister TRP also tried but all in vain. Then payo wanted me to let him know how UBHH was going on. I just couldn’t find these guys. 7:30, still no-one. I meet this friend who I had last seen 3years ago. He gets excited and offers me a coke. I accept it. The beauty of Kampala is that there is alot to admire, especially at night. Especially the nice cars (I hope you agree). So as my friend peels away, look who appears, Streetsider, The only one I could ID.  I walk over to the tableless area and introduce myself. Its me guys, am the real guy.

Santosh appeared and we exchanged some decent talk, safyre wrapped in his gemstone overtly thought I was so old, Solomon King sat calmly in talking to um and for sometime those were the only people until Solomon King stood up and walked somewhere to the interior of Mateos. Then he appears a few minutes later. Not alone but with Yvonne. The usual introductions go on. She then leaves the place also. There are less seats in the area. Then Normzo appears, sunctioned in a black T-shirt. Then sleek joins us. Jny23ug comes around but he has to head off to a Virgil. So he lasts only a few minutes and leaves. And then Darlyne. Yes darlyne, the only female who joined the boys. The waiter makes her wait for her drink but she remains pretty calm.
Sleek and street take sometime and engage in a conversation. Xiona shows up. Safyre and I engage her in a conversation about cars. Safyre tells me the lady loves cars. She lasted less than a 10minutes, she moves to the interior. Meanwhile am salvaging on my third alvaro. Solomon King and Normzo are embedded in a conversation. Things happen so fast and then Normzo leaves, safyre is also plotting an exit. The 4 S boys stick around (Santosh,Solomon King,Sleek and Street) and Darlyne also sticks around. I plot my exit and take a leave out of the A to the rea.

My first BHH wasn’t that bad. Can’t wait for the next one. YZ is in the country and then for Ugandan Girl maybe will meet in the next one. Mudamuli, also you.


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  2. I wish i could meet all these people i enjoy reading about..maybe one day I'll come to Uganda and get to attend a BHH.
    Have a great week dear!

  3. yo!

    and thats a recap! who wants to know what the 4S's were talking about? just ask.

  4. It was a pleasure meeting yu. Had to run for a vigil but i knew 5 minutes of BHH would do it and yes it did.

    I guess the one in dec is got to be a special one in honour of first timers; Ug-gal, YZ, Mudamuli, etc.

  5. so when is the next one for those of us not on twitter?

  6. I look forward to meeting you all at the special BHH in honor of Ugandan girl and YZ in Dec.

    Jny, it will be my second time to attend BHH. The first one I attended was in 2007.