Dec 9, 2010

aargh!! No Freshlyground

The freshlyground tour of East Africa was put off late yesterday as people in Dar-es-Salaam prepared for the show and I hate to say this. Its off.
Local organisers say its still on but a chit chat on their website says that tour is completely off.
For reasons beyond their control. Yah Beyond my control too now I have to re-plan my weekend.

They also tweeted this BAD NEWS FOR OUR EAST AFRICAN FANS: Our concerts in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya (8, 10, 11 Dec) have been cancelled... 

Now am out of here. They are saying maybe next year. Is there an album launch somewhere this weekend?
Even Phat fest is on Friday. But Why? 

I still have my playlist with some do-be-do..... :) 


  1. The only acceptable reason beyond ones control is the weather or death/illness..

    Ain't the fans bothered to find out why ..?

  2. @Tumwi... Am was also :( when I got the bad news

    @Ugandangirl Even if we were bothered, it wouldn't change anything but I think monetary terms were not agreed on... Are you coming for Xmas... :)