Dec 14, 2010

Note from the skies

From the clouds I can see shinny little rooftops (Atleast that’s what I see). Staring through a window the size of Kobe Bryants shoe I also see a tail wing (I stand to be corrected on this). From this level am thinking it’s the future. The future of which if re-incarnation is to be believed I will have to take part.

From the skies there is so much comfort. Ofcourse it’s pretty scaring when there is turbulence. I would predict in the future we would refer to those as speed bumps. Yes am serious. Our cities are so crowded, the traffic and sea of ever changing human nature. Up in the clouds, I feel like settling on one of those clouds, holding a note book and scribbling down the chapters of my book. I slowly take my mind off things and human nature that tends to evolve. My brilliant little mind spins into action.
View of clouds along the Rift Valley. I wanted to sit on one of them.

The skies a littered with round shaped clouds and on each I see human beings wanting to stay away from the dirty, filthy, noisy and rusty cities. There is silence in the clouds. Time to think and time to read.
Then very soon in the future, families start moving to the skies. The rich can afford constructing in the skies. There are estates beginning to litter the skylines it starts getting choking for those who were silently trying to read.

The rich own private jets that take them to earth where they have their offices. The skies are littered with airlines now and they need to be regulated because there is so much traffic since the rich and powerful have taken to the skies. The peace that I had picked from the skies has now been taken away again. Now worry comes back, thoughts make a return and deceptiveness takes centre. I am now off to find a new peaceful place where I am not suffocated by a none-reading generation.

It’s time for that big decision. Taking on a new challenge, a new job and this is because where there was no happiness. And Until I find it, the sky will not be the limit because my dream is further than that.

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