Jan 1, 2011

The wailing letter 2010 wrote

Dearest Mckeith  and your readers,

I trust you are well. I watched you people kick me out on the 31st of December and trust me it was very heartbreaking to watch.  Before I left, I decided to write you something small. It’s straight from my heart.
I am locked up in a prison with no walls. Just a tiny window. My ungrateful acts led me there. Now am struggling. To deal with my problem. To deal with my issues.

When I close my eyes, it’s you I see. Wishing I could turn the clock back. Turn it to the time before. For if I Hadnt then I would not be living with that guilt within. That night has become a nightmare. I have not been myself since. I have lost you. I have that part of me that I offered you.

You have taken it away. In my heart I regret. A part of me also thinks u knew what was going to happen. You knew I would want to do it. But somehow to deal with this I think you needed to blame someone. You needed to hate me. You needed to find a way of staying away.  That is what you decided to put in your head. I accept, coz u probably want this over.

I feel like I have become something else. You are scared of me. Scared of what I could do to you. I didn’t think it would ever get to that. I have lost my emotion. I feel drained. At whatever cost you are trying to erase me. I am too but it is proving to be tasking. I love and I miss u but there is nothing to do about it. I feel like needing a rest. A rest without drama.

I am jealous of 2011 but what can I do. All I want is for you to be happy. Gladly greet all your readers and tell them I wish them the best 2011. I can’t believe I am crying but I need to go.

Yours Truly 2010

P.S. I enjoyed the good times that we had though. I cannot recall many of those times because we barely had any.


  1. Great background. Great theme- sorry, salivating on the graphics of yo blog.

    Haha, shya, I think the year cannot be so merciful as to even apologise- it went laughing.

  2. @Uggal Happy New Year to you too.

    @nevender Thanks for salivating on the graphics of my blog. :).
    The year had to go away apologizing. It didn't want to go. It wanted to stay...

  3. well put!! it never will comeback i dont think i will miss it after all coz man have to see 2011 dont know what it will bring but am hoping for the best in 2011 so am happy for 2010 paved way for 2011. let it not cling onto power.

  4. hey Mckeith you've been tagged ...pass by mine soon..xx