Apr 10, 2009

21st Century American Revolution

Many revolutions have backbönes. In the days when we studied european history we had the 1789 french revn. But be4 that we had the american revon. The americans revolted against the british.

Here is the latest revolution against anytìn' that looks british. Cricket hahaha i hve neva heard the usa play cricket but they have their own verson and its called baseball. And hey they have catches but they have saves.The thought of having an America (i mean usa) in the rugby world cup is asking a dog to eat grass.

The blend of rugby is referred to as American football.(that is so unique). If i may ask do they have tries in the NFL?The third resistance was the refusal to accept a boring sleeptaking netball game and made it look great and breathtaking and ladies and gentlemen the game of basketball. Do they dunk in netball? Neva seen that. Maybe we should wait.Now the best part is the fact that there was BBC and guess what the warner bros came up.. CNN.

What about the fact America has a president unlike other british colonies like the aussies, canada etc which hve the queen as the h.o.state and the pm runs govt business.Check this out the greatest movie awards r held in the USA. (ask the actors and theyll tell u."an oscar is all i need"). The funny thing is there r many british actors gettin' awards. Look at the musicians ooh my does Craig David still live in britain. Thank God for the Patriotic Dido. I'll continue later but one musician said this."WE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE FREEDOM LOVING AND WE ARE RICH BEYOND CÖMPARE". am yet to find out. Next page....pending

The latest entrant......guess who Obama........ He has swept across the world that the whole world is looking at him. He has become part of the revolution.......the 21st century one... without even holding a gun.....

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