Apr 10, 2009

My “Viewer discretion fantasy”

So they say there is a fantasy world out there....? Actually am not sure if it is a question because I know I have my own fantasies...

So u had better make up your mind... Is anyone getting' my point or you probably thinking this guy is insane... Can I get 2 the point... In my fantasy world (I call it my fantasy world coz it is not like yo's) I had a pretty decent thought of me being in a music video. Now the fantasy is not doing' the break-dance or being with a large chain wit' the inscription MC. Are u still wit me or u r getting bored...please type your comment below this page..

Hey I wasn’t concluding my fantasy. I have watched the latest 'porn'(now you thinking the guy is immoral)... If you have noticed our music videos are not music videos they in fact have no people singing but they get great gals en make them strip..... Instead of one seeing a great video all u see is a bunch of beautiful ladies shaking their (censored by management) en waging in front of 50coins,kanye,snoop double g en others I cannot mention for purposes of loyalty... The missing word after those names is 'faces'.

Imagine me in such a music 'porn' video... So you probably think this guy is totally immoral, a psychopath en whatever u can think about... But in my fantasy I actually get fired. Why did I get fired? I just couldn’t keep my head straight. What the 'eeeeeeh' is this guy talking about what some of u r thinking. You want 2 know? Ok what’s the fuss about sex? En getting ladies 2 undress 4 the cameras.

Think I should have remembered the word sexy in this. When am watching t.v with my parents and young sis or brother, they always want to change the channel. Ohh my!!! It can be annoying. Music videos should get something like this before they are aired.
“The video you are about to watch contains mature situations. Viewer discretion is advised.”
My pleasure to host you...

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