Apr 10, 2009

do we still have song writers(its not a question)

You know it is so suprising that now days i can also be a song writer. Why? The answer is so simple. We are singing about love everyday and hey for the producers its just the sae beat for one artist. Do we still have song writers. well i believe we have just a pinch of them compared to the number of artists. These days less thinking is needed. so i will just sit down and begin.....
stanza 1
this will include how i was walking accross the street and then met this girl and we fell in love head over heals. (i wonder what that love is called) by the way in the video i would have this very beautiful gal dressed to kill...... ohoh no to fall in love
the words to use are.....
as i was walking accross the street, entering a club blabla.
and hey dont 4 get for the songs of betrayal we can say the gal was cheating on me, loved my money and also how the girl failed to cook 4 me

perfect then in the chorus you find words... like
i love you, i will never leave you, you are my reason for breathing, i saw you in the many and and i saw you.
those could make a perfect chorus..of course the flattery has got to be owesome e.g the moment you leave me i will just be so incomplete blablabla

stanza 2
in this stanza its the perfect time to tell the gal what am going to do for her, love her and care for her. tell her that a going to spend the rest of the time with her and all the cliches of love you can think about.

stanza 3
this is where i bring in a rapper.
heyo... .. am goona give you all the money.............
the rapper has to have a deep voice ad with kind of like a dry throat

and tht would be the end of my song.

What am trying to show is that we are singing only one thing and sounds so bad that even some of the singers use almost the same beat for every song.....
we can be unique, lets take our time and write songs lets not rush into making a song boring. you listen to a song and the next day you hear the same words in the same song.

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